The Ostomy Association of Singapore (OAS) was founded in January 2014 by a group of colorectal cancer survivors with the main objectives of providing support for those living with ostomies, or who may have had, or will end up having ostomies for colorectal or urological conditions. We offer reassurance, emotional support, appropriate advice and practical information not only to survivors and patients, but also to their caregivers, both before and after surgery.

To be the organisation that provides the best possible quality of life for ostomates through advocacy.

To promote the rehabilitation of persons who may have colorectal surgery / urinary tract diversion surgery, by informing, educating and increasing public awareness on stoma care, and offering psycho-social and emotional support.

To date, we have close to 600 members. 

But we feel that we have to reach out to even more, to drive home the message that they are not alone in their plight, and that help is at hand for any problem that they may have while living with their condition. 

In line with our objectives, our initial focus is to:

  • Help our members ease the burden of cost of appliances and supplies and provide support by working with the various vendors to secure discounts and other forms of assistance with products and collaborating with them to stage events to disseminate useful tips and new product information 
  • Work with hospitals to provide support to patients, before and after surgery. Our members support the stoma clinics in some hospitals on specific days and provide assistance for setting up support groups within their hospitals where required. 

OAS will constantly look for opportunities for collaboration with other agencies to secure benefits and support in any form for its members.

We are a member of the Asia South Pacific Ostomy Association (ASPOA), the governing body for regional ostomy associations which advocates quality of life for all ostomates.